Hi, I'm Alexander.

Self-taught Front-End Engineer. I design seamless user experiences and exceptional web interfaces.


Personal Blog mockup

Personal Blog

Creating a React-Gatsby blog with CMS for easy post updates.

furniture ui mockup

Furniture Store

UI design for a furniture store, emphasizing aesthetics.

travel ui mockup

Travel Site

Vibrant travel site design with user-friendly navigation.

sushi restaurant ui mockup

Sushi Restaurant

One of my initial projects, a modern design for a sushi restaurant website.

shoe store ui mockup

360 Shoe Store

StockX clone with interactive 360° shoe images.

apple wwdc 2022 ui mockup

Apple WWDC22

Recreation of Apple's WWDC 2022 page, showcasing minimalist design.

About Me

photo of alex reckard

Photo of Me in NYC March 2023

Coming from a small town near Denver, Colorado, I have made my way to a vibrant city near Chicago, Illinois. Growing up, I was regarded as the family's IT specialist due to my family's non-technical background. This early interest sparked a fascination for Front-End Engineering, a field that I've come to enjoy and build my expertise in through self-study. My journey has been filled with constant learning and practical application.

When I'm not coding, my interests vary from maintaining an active workout regimen, delving into graphic design, creating compelling videos, to unwinding with video games. These activities not only keep me engaged but also broaden my perspective and refine my creative approach to problem-solving in my professional pursuits.

With my growing portfolio reflecting my passion for web development and design, I am enthusiastic about sharing my journey, and not just my work. I'm currently in the process of creating a blog, a platform to dive into my experiences, insights, and personal growth within this ever-evolving field. Additionally, I have a penchant for traveling, and love exploring new places. Exciting updates coming soon. Stay tuned! ✌🏻

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